Hello, and thanks for visiting my website.

My name is María Salas, and I’m passionate about creating art. I work as a commercial, fashion, portraiture and artistic nude model in Madrid, Santander and Barcelona, and I like to think of my job as a celebration of the human form.

Modern society has turned our naked bodies into something to be ashamed of. I believe nudity is beautiful in so many ways, which is why I am so passionate about nude modelling. When nude, we are at our most honest; our most primal. Remove clothing and you remove materialism; remove clothing and we are all innately equal, regardless of the designer label on our clothing.

If you’re interested in joining me on my journey of creating exquisite art, please do get in touch. I’m willing to work with anyone, from beginner to experienced, as long as the photos show my face and remain artistic rather than pornographic. This means no showing of genitals, or suggestive hand placements.

Travelling all over the Spain and Europe if it´s required. Look forward to hearing from you.

María Salas.

My stats.

Height: 169 cm.
Bust: 80 cm.
Waist: 65 cm.
Hips: 85 cm.
Shoe size: 37 EU.
Dress size: 34 (S).
Hair long black.
Eyes brown.
I have one tattoo in my wrist and have no pearcing.