26 thoughts on “Testimonial

  1. Una de lás mejores modelos Cantabras sin lugar a dudas. profesional de los pies a la cabeza. Se prepara cada sesión con tanto interes que luego tu trabajo es realmente sencillo y simple. Una modelo que no me cansaría de fotografiar y recomendar a todos aquellos fotografos que busque una modelo de este nivel. Forma parte ya de mi cabecera. Más que recomendable, es necesaria.

  2. María es un encanto como persona y una top como modelo, con un talento natural para mostrar la belleza del cuerpo femenino, hace cómodo, fácil y adictivo retratarla.

  3. Del blanco al negro, angel y demonio. Trabajando con María siempre encuentro matices y situaciones inesperadas, aparte de llegar a cada sesión preparada al 100%.
    En mi opinión una modelo clave en la fotografía Fine Art contemporánea.

  4. Un lujo trabajar con ella, se involucra en cada trabajo preparando todo lo necesario. Es muy educada, puntual, sabe estar y conecta rápidamente con lo que le pidas que trasmita. Un placer crear con personas como ella.

  5. Una bonita sorpresa poder cruzarme con Maria en Paris, el placer de tenerla a ella posando por muelles del Sena, puentes y algun que otro mitico lugar. Gestos, elegancia, disponibilidad, sonrisa fueron permanentes y lo unico que se puede criticar… el clima parisino de marzo y el vientecito tan fresco que impidieron algun que otro lugar a pesar de su mas que buena voluntad . Sin lugar a dudas en la primera proxima ocasión que se presente, no dudaré en volver a poner mi objetivo a su disposición !

  6. Todos los adjetivos que pueda buscar para describir a María se quedan cortos para definirla como la profesional que es, sin duda una gran modelo. Inteligente, hábil, encantadora, capta tus ideas y las desarrolla mejor que tu mismo, Y sin conocerla a nivel personal, es de las personas que nunca te cansas de tener a tu lado.
    Gracias por ser como eres, fantástica.

  7. Maria is a very talented model! We did find each other based on referrals from common profesional friends

    Not also she has the experience and physical ability to accomplish complex elegant form and lines for artistic nude but also the technical know-how in understanding the challenges of analog and large format photography…

    Endless energy and she will go the extend required to achieve the desired project results

    Highly recommended model

  8. I had an amazing photographic session with Maria in Antwerpen. Our shooting took place in a day hotel. Maria is such a talented, passionated and dedicated model. She truly loves modeling and her performance is sincere and intense. Maria is a true beauty and a wonderful person. I think you Maria for the fantastic work together, the great talks and for your enthusiasm and your kindness.

  9. Maria is a highly professional and talented model. When working with her you can feel the true passion she has for modeling. With her kind personality she makes working with her real fun with a lot of pleasure.

    Thanks again for the nice shooting and I can only highly recommend her :-)

  10. Photographers:
    If you ever have a chance to work with Maria, you will be in a big trouble when selecting the best images! Maria is a highly professional model mixing that unique mixture of elegance, sensuality and know-how. She will impress you, always trying her best to adapt her abilities to your needs. She is respectful, intelligent and fun to work with. If you are looking for a beautiful Spanish model, don’t hesitate to contact her for a shoot. You will repeat it!

  11. Maria is very talented model, she always smile, she has a excellent attitude with a lot of respect for everything. We shooting yesterday and had a lot of fun, results are excellent. Can’t wait to work again with here.
    She isn’t the tallest model but she is very natural beauty, she has a lot of experience and elegance.
    Hope to see you soon back.

  12. Shoot up right now two times with Maria.
    She is a very lovely Person and a Wanderful Model.

    Good posing, Perfect Communication und Planing.

    Always motivated.

    I Can recommend her to Ebers Photographer.

    Thanks Maria

  13. I shoot with these wonderful model in a little room in Cologne! Maria is absolut professional and a very lovely person! We shoot four hours and she never get tired to give her best! One experience I would not miss! If you can, try the same!

    Hope to see you again, lil lady!

  14. Maria est une très agréable modèle au physique parfait, elle possède un très grand éventail de poses et elle est très à l’aise devant l’objectif.
    A ses qualités de modèle viennent s’ajouter ses qualités humaines, une très grande gentillesse et un sourire omniprésent.
    Je la recommande pour son professionnalisme et espère de tout coeur avoir d’autres occasions de travailler avec elle !

  15. Maria, Comment vous dire ?

    Je dirai simple, sereine, totalement impliquée, à la fois tendre & conquérerante. Ses poses sont naturelles et pétrie de sensualité. Expérience à vivre/re-vivre, très vivement conseillée.

    A très bientôt chère Maria. con mucho gusto

  16. Yesterday I had a fantastic home shooting with Maria. Even the email contact was very pleasant and binding. A beautiful woman who knows how to stage herself in the limelight. Fully concentrated at any time, yet spontaneous and very natural. Her posing is unique – I am still thrilled today. A top model and a very, really great person. I am already looking forward to a second shoot.

  17. hi maria,
    you are an excellent model who not only knows how to pose but is just a pleasure to work with. it was great to work with you and we produced a lot of amazing pictures. looking forward to continue our work together next time around.
    in the mean time I wish you all the best and keep smiling ;-)

  18. A puppy. A professional. An actrice. A beautiful face. A beautiful body. A smile. A power. A pose. A pleasure.
    A talent. A passion. A wild girl. A shy girl. An enthusiastic girl. A happy girl. A model. A nude. A real human.
    A work of art. A great shoot. A great time. A great result. A do it again.

    And that’s just the “A”

  19. Maria is a very pleasant, professional and beautiful model. I’m always looking for great expressions from the model during a session to tell a story and Maria has a natural talent for this.

    She is open for ideas, even bold ones, and she knows directly what poses and expressions I’m looking for.

    I can highly recommend Maria. My only problem was to make a selection of all photo’s since there so many good ones to choose from. :)

  20. “Maria is a very good model with a lovely personality. I had a great session with her in my studio in Stockholm. I highly recomend her and I hope we can shoot again.”

  21. I have just had the pleasure of working together with Marìa for a couple of days, and I must say that I am very glad that our paths as photographer and model have crossed! María is an incredibly resourceful model with a vast repertoire of strong and expressive poses. She is very versatile and flexible and inventive in front of the camera and senses intuitively what the photographer wants to create and strikes her poses accordingly and needs practically no directions at all.

    And María has an open and charming and pleasant personality and is easy to establish a good and deep contact with. I can recommend her highly to other photographers and hope to work with her soon again!

  22. I had the pleasure to shoot with Maria today. She’s an excellent model, she is beautiful an is very expressive in her poses. I loved this afternoon and the result is simply stunning.

    She is also an adorable person, it’s simply great to be with her, to speak with her, a fantastic moment. Thank you Maria.

  23. I had the opportunity to meet and shoot Maria in Luxemburg.
    Great, talented model, nice expression, open for new ideas
    I’m satisfied with my pictures and can highly recomend her

  24. It was a pleasure to work with Maria.
    Her professional manner to work and posing has contributed to many great pictures.
    I am sure more shootings will follow.

  25. Having had my first nude art shoot in Stockholm with the very professional and competent Maria. Very clear pre-shooting contacts over email, arriving early to the studio, and positive and nice personality. Maria poses independently and with confidence and comes with good ideas to make the shooting better. I warmly recommend Maria as model.

  26. Maria’s portfolio convinced me to commit to working with her. Pre-shoot communications were encouraging. In person, Maria is joyfully personable. And this is before we get to the modelling. Maria had brought an excellent variety of outfits, demonstrating impressive style. Maria is highly photogenic and needs no direction (but will take it if requested). Maria flows through poses, a joy to work with. Back of camera looks exciting, am certain we’ve collaborated to produce exquisite results. I wish to work with Maria again and can only suggest you should do the same. Muchas gracia Maria!

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